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A Feng Shui analysis of your home could reveal those influences that hold you back from better relationships, health and finances. Life is always better with good Feng Shui. If you are in the Hampton Roads area contact Ann for an appointment.Contact Ann Today .



By now, we all know that our home environment affects our health, happiness, creativity, relationships, and abundance. But knowing that it does is not the same as knowing if our environment is being supportive or throwing obstacles in our path.
Feng Shui knows.

The right Feng Shui evaluation can determine if the elements in your home are working in a productive energy cycle, which will positively affect you, or if they are in a destructive relationship, which can bring all sorts of challenges into your life. And once these energy patterns and relationships are mapped out we can enhance the good and neutralize the bad.

The right Feng Shui consultation can reveal your personal Feng Shui giving you the knowledge to take advantage of the beneficial directions in your house while helping you avoid those areas that will just bring you down.


Many people know about the Feng Shui that can be seen: the clutter, the furniture placement, and creating a décor that is pleasant to the eye. But this is only a beginning – the first layer, the tip of the iceberg. After all, if Feng Shui was just about pretty, tasteful design then no one living in a pretty, tastefully designed house would suffer the effects of bad Feng Shui. If your Feng Shui consultant is working on this surface level it is time to step up to a whole new, powerful ball game. Don’t get me wrong- tasteful design can affect your moods and view of the world – it is just not enough to get to the heart of the matter. It is equivalent to painting over a moldy wall or throwing the garbage in the closet to hide it – things may look better but they’re not. Not really, not at all. The results may be beautiful, perhaps, but not very effective.

Most of Feng Shui is unseen. But these invisible energies are mathematically calculated, systematic and time tested to reveal specific energy patterns in your home that have an effect on all that comes to you. A true Feng Shui reading will require the use of a compass, a determination of the construction period, the sitting and facing direction and mapping of the mountain and water stars in order to determine these hidden energy patterns.

In addition to your house we also want to look at your personal birth chart to determine what directions will trigger better health, sleep, love and abundance as well as identifying those that will block you in these areas.

If you have not had a Feng Shui reading that looks at both your personal Feng Shui and your home’s energy patterns, you have not had an intensive classical Feng Shui reading. It is time you did.

When should you have a Feng Shui Home Consultation?

  • If you feel as if you are in a rut. When creativity and opportunities seem to have dried up.
  • At a major life change: birthday, divorce, death in the family, a new job, loss of a job
  • When you get married or move in with a new partner, when you love life is suffering
  • When you have a baby or are planning on having a baby
  • When you move into a new house or are planning on renovation your old one
  • When you plan on putting in a swimming pool or pond
  • When you want to begin new projects or get in gear for a happier time, after setbacks and losses
  • When health, money, relationships and sleep become problematic
  • The new year
  • Anytime you want to create a balanced, positive and effective environment

Home Consultations (In-person)

Whether you rent or own, live in a house, condo or apartment, you deserve a Feng Shui evaluation and consultation. It does not matter where you are living, it affects you and you deserve to get the best wherever you live.

By appointment, Ann will come to your home, evaluate your home and give you a Feng Shui consultation in person. You will be provided with a complete, comprehensive analysis of your home as well as a report on your personal beneficial and sabotaging Feng Shui directions. In addition to this analysis a complete report on how to remedy the negative and enhance the positive energy patterns will be clearly laid out. A list that prioritizes the necessary action will also be included.

What you will need to provide for the consultation:

  • A detailed floor plan drawn to scale showing the doors, walls and windows. It is preferable to have this on an 8 x 11 page. If you do not have a floor plan you need to have one done. It does not have to be “perfect” but does need to be to scale.
  • Birth dates of the permanent occupants of your home
  • Year and month the house was constructed. It is critical that this is accurate.

Consultations by Mail

Not everyone can live near a Feng Shui expert. When this is the case consultations can be done by mail when the client provides a floor plan sketch to scale, a compass reading of the sitting and facing direction and photos or videos of the property.

Certainly there are some aspects of a Feng Shui reading that cannot be covered by mail. However, the majority of these can be conveyed to me by the client – such as smell, noise, construction near property and other issues that can be picked up by the five senses.

If you are interested in a consultation by mail send me an email and I will send a check list of what is needed to have a consultation by mail or phone. This will include:

  • A detailed floor plan drawn to scale showing the doors, walls and windows. It is preferable to have this on an 8 x 11 page. If you do not have a floor plan you need to have one done. It does not have to be “perfect” but does need to be to scale.
  • Birth dates of the permanent occupants of your home
  • Year and month the house was constructed. It is critical that this is accurate.

Annual Updates

Although every house has permanent mountain and water stars that affect the house long term, energy itself is not stagnant, changing over time. This is why Feng Shui deals with time and space. Every year the flying stars take up residence in a different sector of the house and will have an impact on those residing in it; every house goes through a cycle of money and people locks which can greatly affect the fortunes of those in the house.

Certainly the permanent energies are the most important but the annual changes are the triggers for events and issues to arise. Knowing where the stars will fly and what this will means specifically for your house and you and when the locks fall into place are another essential part of Feng Shui. Once a consultation is done, I will retain a copy of your chart and it can be updated annually before the Chinese solar new year.

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