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haunted-houseWhen I was a child not a Halloween went by without the neighborhood kids talking about the “creepy” house down the street where you did not want to go “trick or treating.”  Things don’t change that much – I still hear kids talking about the scary, creepy house but of course now I would say that the house has bad Feng Shui .

And it got me thinking – and this is a leap – that I am still hearing people talk about creepy houses or rather, creepy parts of their own homes. Not always in those words.  Rather I hear that there is a part of the house that feels uncomfortable to them; an area that they just do not feel settled or able to concentrate, an area that the family just tends to avoid.

Some reasons are so obvious – rooms that are used for storage, basements and attics that are cluttered, dark, dirty and filled with spider webs, and that cold, drafty part of the house that hasn’t been renovated or insulated.  But sometimes there is something about the energy is just not right.

I had that experience in my home in Austin. The room did not meet any of the creepy criteria.  In fact, the room was visually  my favorite – I loved the way the light filtered in, I loved the colors, the view out  the window,  it was large and a good shape – but I could not do anything in it.  I tried to make it an exercise room, a home office, a hobby room, a TV room.  But I found I could not spend time in it.  I felt restless and the need to just move and get out of that room. Eventually my dog, Jack,  took it over and he was very happy.  And, later when I learned more about Feng Shui, my reaction to this room made perfect sense to me.

There are many things to consider when a Feng Shui analysis is done.  Some practitioners use the East / West Theory which (to over simplify) says that there are four directions in your house that are beneficial to you based on your birthdate and four areas that are not at all compatible with a person.  This room was in my least compatible direction.

An analysis will also focus on the Flying Stars to read the energy code in each sector of the home.  This room had a negative star combination that could make the occupant feel oppressed and stressed.  With my current knowledge of Feng Shui I know of many ways I could have remedied the room but back then I just knew how I felt.

Without a proper Feng Shui analysis it is impossible to be able to tell what is wrong and how to remedy these rooms. On a generic advice level it is advisable to keep these spaces as clean and clutter free as possible.  Perhaps most importantly, if possible, honor your feelings about this space- if it does not feel right, don’t use it.  This may be your best Feng Shui advice after all!

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