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weight lossDiets are so trendy – every few years there is a new one guaranteed to take the weight off.  Not very long ago Feng Shui was touted as a trendy way to aid in the battle against the pounds – there was a New York Times bestseller, magazines weighed in and so many Feng Shui practitioners got into the action by blogging and lecturing on the subject.  I read the books, articles and even attended some of these courses.

But I shied away from the talk.  True, I could appreciate the basic message –distilling it down to the basics is:   keep the house and refrigerator clean and clutter free and hope the kitchen is not the first thing you see when you enter the house.  Well, my fridge is clean but that doesn’t mean it isn’t filled with Hershey’s Kisses.

And you know I prefer Feng Shui cures to tips and thought, although there is a kernel of truth in this it can’t be all there is.  And it isn’t.

Feng Shui really can help with weight loss.

Of course, nutrition and exercise are key components and anyone with weight issues should explore this.  Still, the experts are telling us that stress –be it from work or home – and lack of sleep play a major role in weight problems.  And stress and good sleep are essential areas that your Feng Shui practitioner should be addressing.

When we do an assessment of your home we are looking for the element relationships that clash, cause the stress.  By adding the cure – be it the elements metal, water, earth, fire, or wood –qi flow issues, or balancing a yin/yang imbalance we change the way the energy  interacts and manifests, thus taking away the stress which in turn takes the stress away from you.  Less stress – less need for the comfort food.

Minimizing the stress will aid your sleep patterns. Beyond just this, Feng Shui looks at many other things that can manifest based on how/ where you sleep such as:

how your bedroom is designed,

how the bed is aligned

and how the direction you are sleeping in impacts you.

Yes, we all have personal directions that impact our lives in many areas and how we sleep and what that direction means to us is tantamount to understanding what is going on in your life.

So when considering weight loss, consider Feng Shui as another tool in your arsenal.

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