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A Feng Shui analysis of your home could reveal those influences that hold you back from better relationships, health and finances. Life is always better with good Feng Shui. If you are in the Hampton Roads area contact Ann for an appointment.Contact Ann Today .

Feng Shui, Home Purchasing and Foreclosure

If you are thinking about buying a house now think of this – your best friend may be your Feng Shui consultant.  A Feng Shui reading can give you a heads up on the permanent and upcoming energies of that house you have your eye on.

We know that every house is unique; and based on the age of the home, the direction it is sitting and facing and internal and external architectural details; the experiences and potentials of what will happen in the house can be predicted.  And that’s a good thing.  A Feng Shui practitioner can tell you what house type the home is:  is it a wang shui – wang shui, reversed, double sitting or double facing?  Is it going into a money lock or a people lock phase?  What are the effects that any missing piece or extension going to have on the new homeowners?

And more important than the questions are the answers.  A classically trained compass based practitioner can point out the possibilities and advise you how to cure, remedy or enhance the qi flow and pattern as necessary.

This may be the best time in decades for people wanting to get into the real estate market.  Interest rates are low, prices of houses are the lowest in decades and there is an abundant supply of houses on the market.  For those who quality, it may not get better than this. There are deals to be had out there – but, are they all real deals?

The question I get most frequently from people looking to buy a home is about some of these deals – the money may sound right but is there a consequence to buying a foreclosure or a house from owners needing to do a short sale.

Great question – And to answer that we have a few things to consider.   Perhaps the biggest issue here is why the house went into foreclosure.  Was it the individual circumstances of the owner or was it a neighborhood trend?  If it is the case of individual owners falling upon hard times another family will not necessarily have the same experiences IF any of the negative, unbalanced Feng Shui elements of the house are remedied.  However, if the neighborhood itself is experiencing a negative cycle it may be advisable to avoid this purchase and look for another house.  Please make sure you do the following:


Although the house itself may have good Feng Shui or may easily be remedied, the neighborhood around it will have a powerful influence.  Do your research and check with your realtor:  Are there jobs available in the area, can the industry support the population of the neighborhood, are the schools satisfactory, is the water supply clean the air quality good, is there an electric grid in your backyard?  What are the crime statistics and neighborhood amenities?



A Feng Shui reading can give you a lot of information about the home’s potential as well as giving you insight on how to tailor the house to your specific needs – and to make sure they match up.  Some energy combinations work well for the more active lifestyle, the social individual while there are element combinations that will guarantee a more mellow energy for a person wanting a quieter environment.   People and house types are unique.  It’s best when they flow in the same direction.

So when you are thinking of buying a new home check with your two best friends – your Feng Shui expert and a knowledgeable real estate agent and happy house hunting.

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