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It is so easy to give Feng Sui tips – it is not easy to tell someone, without doing a complete home analysis, how to administer a Feng Shui cure.

Because there is a big difference between A Feng Shui tip and a Feng Shui cure.

Feng Shui tips are generic; often they feel as if mom was telling you to clean your house and dad was telling you to take care of the seasonal maintenance. Realtors often have “to do” lists for their clients that Feng Shui practitioners envy and housekeeping magazines have articles that offer clutter-clearing advice for the overwhelmed. So you may wonder, why do you need a Feng Shui analysis?

Well, tips are tips – they are meant to be generic for everyone. A Feng Shui cure is specific to a situation and is determined by the year the house was built and its orientation. We look at the Flying Stars, at time and space. A tip cannot cover that.

Here is an example – I may tell everyone to keep their front entrance clear, make sure it is well lit, not overgrown with shrubbery or crowded with boots, bikes and whatever. Everyone should do this and you can go the extra mile by adding beautiful plants, specialty lighting, fun sculptures or whatever makes you happy. This is a tip – and it is important for many reasons – one and perhaps most importantly, it makes the home welcoming.

But this does not go into depth of the greater impact and without knowing your home’s Flying Stars the Feng Shui expert cannot be specific. For instance – your entrance may be in a sector that has a 2-5 combination. This brings accidents, illness and depression. We can “cure” or remedy it and that is what we do. And the 2-5 will have a much different effect on a person than a very positive 8-8 combination would have. So you may not know your Flying Stars but it is pretty clear that if you are under the influence of a critical star combination it may not feel as bad if it is clean and clear as it would a dark, depressing entrance. Here the clearing is not the cure but it sure can help. And once you identify the stars and add the remedy it can work so much quicker and be more effective in a nice clear area!

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