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Got Feng Shui

Sure you do.  We all do.  The question is, do you know what your Feng Shui is doing?

You may have applied Feng Shui for your wealth corner, Feng Shui for the romance corner and Feng Shui for health and wondered …now what – is anything happening …maybe something is happening …did I do something wrong…

You may have done nothing wrong except followed the wrong information because in authentic, traditional compass based Chinese Feng Shui:

There is no Feng Shui for wealth corner or Feng Shui for relationship corner or Feng Shui for health corner.

Instead, every sector of your house can impact your health, relations and wealth because they are all interrelated!  To the ancient Chinese Feng Shui an auspicious, successful life was one in which people thrived in body, mind and soul.  People- or relationships- were of utmost importance and so was financial wealth – so much so that every sector is given both a “people star” and a “money star”, also known as mountain and water stars.  Relationships impact wealth just as wealth impacts health and relationships.

Traditional Feng Shui goes beyond the surface, beyond the visual, to a place where unseen energy patterns of the house are identified– to the energy blueprint of the house that was set into place when the house was constructed.  So the birth date of the house and the sitting and facing directions create what we call the “house potential” which identifies your house as one of five basic types:

  • Good for money, good for people           -
  • Good for money, bad for people
  • Good for people, bad for money
  • Bad for money, bad for people
  • Locked houses

And, these energy patterns cannot be seen with your eyes.  You cannot touch them, hear them or smell them. Think of the energy patterns like gravity.  We cannot see it but we know it is there.  These energies or natural phenomena are hidden but their effects are certainly in plain view.

All the beautiful decorating, clutter clearing, wealth corner enhancements, and furniture placement you have attempted can only have minimal effect because without knowing what the unseen energy patterns in your home are you cannot change the inherent energy blueprint of the home.  Certainly living in a beautifully decorated home will make you feel better for awhile, but this alone cannot get us what we want – which is to enhance the beneficial energies and neutralize the destructive, sabotaging energies that may be dormant in your house.

Although talk of ‘unseen energy patterns’ may seem nebulous, their effects are concrete.  There are energy (also known as element) combinations that are predictable and often very specific.  Certain element combinations –back to the mountain and water stars we mentioned earlier- can bring about work and wealth opportunities, scholastic achievements, marriages and births…while other combinations tend to encourage the negative aspect of life such as accidents, divorces, legal suits, and health challenges.

And once these patterns and combinations are identified, a classically trained Feng Shui practitioner can advise you how to adjust the pattern to bring in beneficial energies and opportunities while neutralizing or controlling the energy patterns that sabotage your life.

This is the difference between quickly throwing things under the beds, out to the garage and in closets to quickly tidy up when guests are coming in minutes, which is often the case in generic western Feng Shui, as opposed to classic traditional where we really get to the heart and cause of what is having a negative influence and holding you down.

And you do not have to buy pieces of Asian folklore or expensive objects to effect these cures.  You may have the right enhancements in other rooms of your house.

Being forewarned is to be forearmed.  I certainly would like to know when the “robbery star” is moving to my front door so I can adjust the elements to at least minimize or neutralize the effect, rather than to be a victim.  And let’s not forget – it is not always the negative we are trying to avoid.  There are certain energy patterns which encourage romance, called Peach Blossom, which can be enhanced if you are single.  Of course, if you are married or in a committed relationship you may want to neutralize the Peach Blossom for fear of attracting too much attention which could bring unwanted suitors to you or your partner!

We know even when things are good they do not always stay that way.  And, when things are bad we hope that one day things will turn around.  And they will in time  because there is a natural cycle found in all of life, nature, and relationships that take us from good to bad, birth to decay, dark to light…and the yin yang goes on.  But the negative cycle could naturally take years or decades to move to the positive and the positive may be on the wane …so isn’t it good to know that with knowledge the elements and cycles can be adjusted to go your way without waiting years.

It’s a pattern, a natural, cyclical, mathematical, and predictable pattern.  And since we know it is cyclical, mathematical and predictable we can use our knowledge of these patterns to get it there and enhance the good while adding remedies to neutralize the destructive, quarreling energies that hold us back from where we could be.  We can shake things up or calm them down! Most importantly we become instrumental in designing our lives, our future and -

Who doesn’t want that!

We all live in unique houses and have unique lives.  The “one size fits all” Feng Shui does not work.  Each home has its own birth date, a specific direction it faces, an energy pattern unique to it and inhabitants with different birthdates.  Yes, the people in the house also impact the energy of the home!

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