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Personal Feng Shui

Just as Classical Feng Shui recognizes that all houses are unique, it also recognizes the uniqueness of the individual. We are all different, we march to our own drummer; we have our own personalities and nature, our elemental makeup, which remains with us throughout our life time. After all, we do understand what we mean when we say that “it is just our nature!”

Classic Feng Shui can give you important, revealing information that is unique to you based on the day you were born.

I have covered some of this in my e-book, Your Feng Shui Birthright: Using the Five Elements to Discover Your True Nature, which is an introductory into understanding how people reflect and interact with the five elements used in Feng Shui. But, although this is a great introduction and learning tool, it is only the beginning.

More specific than your elemental nature is your nine personal directions which determine your magnetic power spots, both for attracting good or bad circumstances. These directions are with you throughout your lifetime, are based on your Chinese astrology, and are activated in every building in the world. These personal directions appear to be all inclusive, touching the most essential areas of our life.

Classical Feng Shui recognizes the personal directions that relate to:

Prosperity – attracting financial abundance

Consuming – draining of finances, takes money away

Valued Friends – bringing helpful people into your life

Romance and luck – need I say more?

Creative – for inspiration and tapping into your creative power

Analytical -clear thinking

Lonely Pillow -if you are sleeping in this direction, you will not attract a partner

Injury – essential for avoiding accidents and injuries

Robbery – to avoid repeated thefts, including identity theft

Wouldn’t it be great to know where your natural strengths and weaknesses are? This knowledge can give you a true edge over what may seem capricious action by the universe.
Just as a house has a potential and type based on the year of construction so does each individual have inherent energies, good and challenging directions, which is based on their gender and date of birth. So specific are these directions that they fall within a 15 degree direction. The energy patterns of the house may change due to remodeling, annual flying stars or remedies that are placed in various sectors to neutralize conflicting energies and enhance the beneficial, but your personal directions will never change.

If you are ready for a personal Feng Shui consultation which includes all of your nine personal directions, please contact now:

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