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Problems In Your Wealth Corner?


When I mentioned that I would dedicate this month’s blogs to Feng Shui and wealth, the emails started pouring in.  Understandable of course as money, abundance, finances and money fears are of utmost concern to most of us.  In Feng Shui there are many remedies, both major and minor, to bring in and enhance wealth wealth both in a holistic and a practical way.

A few people wrote to me concerned because they could not know how to find their wealth corner or they were concerned because their wealth corner was missing.   Well, let me assure you that no one has a missing wealth corner unless you are a strict follower of western Feng Shui.  And even if there was a missing piece, there are remedies to ‘fill it in.’

The classical tradition believes that every corner, every sector has a water star and a mountain star.  The water is finances, abundance and career while the mountain star is people, health and relationships.  Abundance does not exist in a vacuum; therefore we really cannot talk about wealth without talking about relationships.  After all – money comes from people.  In order to do a true Feng Shui reading for financial prosperity it is essential then to read the whole house and analyze the water and mountain relationship and then add the appropriate cures.

Western Feng Shui recognizes the southeast as the wealth sector and advises one to add Feng Shui remedies, cures and intentions in this area to get things moving again.  This, too, can be very powerful especially if you are strong on practicing intention.  But what if the southeast sector of your house is missing?  Then it would be appropriate to find the southeast corner of the center sector or your home office and add any remedies or symbolic pieces that remind you of abundance.

Feng Shui Tip:  No matter if you follow the classic tradition or the western, both schools will tell you the same thing:  keep your entranceway, home office and southeastern areas clean, organized, clutter free, get rid of broken things (reread my blog on Broken Energy) and have good lighting.  Any symbol of abundance that works for you is good – it must make you feel open, abundant and full of hope.  For me, I use a bowl of fresh fruit. Some people use flowers- both are wonderful but make sure no flowers are wilting or fruit is spoiling.  That is not abundant!

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