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The Truth About Feng Shui and Love

dreamstimefree_37481Although spring takes most of the credit, social scientists say that it is really in the autumn that a young man’s – and everyone else’s – fancy turn to love.  Perhaps it is because the idea of the long, cold nights spent alone is so unappealing – or the prospect of a lonely holiday season spent by yourself saddens you or, scarier even, facing the relatives and endless gatherings without the support of a loved one. So now is the time to seek out new relationships or turn attention to nurturing the ones we already have.  After all, basking in the love brings the sparkle into the season – and our lives.  But, what do you do if the love seems to be eroding or is just not there?

Love is hard to define just as is the qi energy of Feng Shui but even if we don’t know how to define it, we do know the effects.  And the Feng Shui in our homes does have a powerful effect on our love life.

It is easy to go on line or pick up a Western Feng Shui style book and read about the mandarin ducks, the placement of symbols of your love, crystals, candles, matching night stands and pictures of your lover in the room.  And adding and using these objects and wishes may work – for a short time – because you put intention behind it and intention is a powerful thing.  But they are also very generic and the problem with generic remedies is that they are so, well, generic and we and our relationships are not. Our situations are all different and so are our homes.  In fact, there are 216 different house combinations with many more relationship qi energy combinations.

To find the love qi in our homes we need to do a compass based Feng Shui Flying Star audit.  To do this we need a floor plan, a compass, a determination of the sitting and facing direction of the house, and the construction date of the house.  Then we map out the qi energy or “fly the stars.”   Complicated?  Yes, a bit, but then, so are our relationships.  Specific?  Yes, an analysis can be very specific.  For instance, an analysis can tell you if you are sleeping in your “Lonely Pillow” direction (which means you will be sleeping alone) or if the stars in your bedroom or main entrance are the cheating stars.  There is a combination that defines a specific unequal relationship – when a woman is dominating the hen-pecked husband – and this cannot be remedied by making sure the night stands are equal!  Feng Shui can tell you so much more about your love and relationships but it is something that cannot just be seen by looking around the room; it is the unseen qi analysis that will reveal all.

It is difficult for a trained compass based Feng Shui practitioner to give out generic advice because of the specificity that we can reach.  Still, I agree with the Western Feng Shui practitioners that it is important to keep the bedroom and front entrance clutter free and to find symbols that will honor your love.  But more important than this, is to take the time to love yourself and your loved ones.  Simple acts of love and kindness can brighten your day and that of those you love.  And when you are ready, give me a call and we can find out what is really going on in your love life.

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