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In the Classical Feng Shui tradition we recognize that every house is unique

In the Classical Feng Shui tradition we recognize that every house is unique – there are 216 house patterns and within these categories there are energy patterns unique to the home and the individuals who live there.

And beyond that, there are so many layers of Feng Shui

– from the visual where we can see furniture placement, clutter, wall colors, art work and all that is part of the decorative arts

-the individual Natal Charts of each individual living in the home which tells us what enhancing and sabotaging directions influence their lives

-the structure of the house itself

-the energy grid based on when the home was constructed

-neighborhood influences and lot shape of the house (outside environment)

- the needs of each individual

Truly, the list goes on and although it may seem confusing it is such a beautiful, unique, NOT one-of-a kind Feng Shui.

I plan to give examples of all of these layers of Feng Shui in the posts to come and I welcome questions you may have.  In fact, it is my intention to turn Friday’s blog into a Q and A which we can get into even more specifics.  So tune in Friday, we have a great question –   What makes up a Feng Shui garden?

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2 Responses to In the Classical Feng Shui tradition we recognize that every house is unique

  • Matt says:

    My house is a little different because the entrance is on the side and I live on the corner. I like the house, but when I enter the front door, it just feels a little off. I will contact you regarding doing an energy pattern and some of the other “layers” that you discussed. Since I am new to feng shui, can you also recommend some books or tapes for me to read? Thanks

    • Ann says:

      Hi Matt- thank for the comment. Although it is not unusual to have a front door that is not in the facing side, it is not that usual either. I look forward to working with you to check out the house. If the entrance truly does not feel comfortable to you it could be that it is not in one of your auspicious or good directions so you are picking up that energy. Perhaps you can enter through another entrance if possible and see if that feels better. And, when i check it out I can give you other suggestions…Re: books and tapes. I am getting a list together and will post it shortly. Must admit, my e-book will be one of them…

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