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Feng Shui affects everyone – it can be very specific as in a home, office and a personal Feng Shui reading.  And it is also universal, touching everybody in much the same way.  Perhaps the most universal of the Feng Shui affects is what we call “seasonal qi”, being in tune with nature and how the changing seasons affect us.

We all live in the natural world and are ruled by nature.  After all, we are a part of nature – every culture stems from people that were heavily affected by what was happening in the natural world – temperature, winds, rains, times for planting, harvesting and resting.  Despite our technical, industrial societies that seem to be separate from the elements we are still profoundly tuned into nature. Nature has her cycles and since we are part of nature, we, too, have our cycles.

We are deep into autumn now.  In most of the United States we celebrate with the pumpkins, gourds, outings to see the changing leaves and enjoying the coolness in the air.  But we also have the internal cycles that we recognize as seasonal qi.  It has a powerful effect on our lives even if we are not consciously aware of it.

Feng Shui consultants often make a big deal of the seasonal changes but seldom explain the why of it.  It is not to decorate your home, although that is the fun part of it.  It is to acknowledge and honor our connection to nature.  To understand the seasonal qi helps us to live a life in tune with the natural cycles.

Autumn represents the turning inwards – a more yin season that follows the high energy, yang summer.  We tend to slow down our activities and busy thoughts; we begin to start nesting for the winter. We begin to nurture more, catch up on our sleep (as shown in “fall back”), think more about taking care of our health, eat heartier fare, and prepare the gardens and home for winter. We are more reflective. It is natural, cyclical and part of our internal calendar.  This effect is not only personal; in the business world you will find that  many companies are finishing up their budgets – not planning new expansions until after the turn of the year (winter seasonal retail exempted) while planning on completing projects that have already been implemented.

We are in the autumn phase.  Its “home” is in the west and northwest. It is represented by the metal element.  Beyond the psychological influences mentioned above, the organs and parts of the body that are represented by the metal element – the lungs, the head, and chest – are dominant.  This is the start of allergy, cold and flu season so extra care should be taken to strengthen the metal parts of the body in order to protect oneself from these illnesses.  Teeth and jaws are also taxed so make sure you follow up with that dental appointment you tend to put off.  It is only natural that we tend to go inwards and become more aware of our physical needs; it is nature’s way of strengthening us.

As is common in Feng Shui there are myths associated with seasonal qi.  Some of them may be cultural, superstitious, fun and harmless.  And some can have a negative effect on your Feng Shui.  Enjoy autumn – it is a beautiful season.  And be aware of these Feng Shui myths.

MYTH :  Since metal is the element representing autumn, it is wise to add metal elements to the west and northwest.

FACT:  Although metal makes its home in the west and northwest, this usually has a shadow effect on the Feng Shui of your home and office.  The element that needs to be represented in these areas is determined by the construction date, orientation and Flying Stars of the house.  Do not arbitrarily add metal in these areas.  It will not bring business or financial success or enhance your creativity UNLESS all the requirements are met. And, if it is not an area that needs a metal remedy and metal is added it can cause quite a disruption.

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